Look out for signs of flood damage when purchasing a vehicle

June 15, 2022

Recent heavy rainfall and resultant flooding in New Providence has left many vehicles damaged, proving that it has never been more important to be protected. Our motor insurance policies can cover loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by flooding.

And if you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, be sure to check to see if it has sustained damage from standing water.

Here are some common signs of flood damage.

  • Be thorough: Look on the undercarriage, engine compartment, and wheel wells for signs of debris, which usually indicates the height of the water level. Likewise, an excessively clean undercarriage usually suggests the possibility of long-term exposure to high water levels.
  • Check engine fluids: Particularly motor oil, as water induction will result in a color change – like coffee with added milk.
  • Do a sniff test: Smell for mold or dampness in the seats and carpet. Likewise, feel for wetness on carpets and seats. Always be cautious of overly strong air fresheners.
  • Look for signs of corrosion: On fuse panels and electrical wiring.
  • Look for rust: Under seats, dashboards, and concealed areas.
  • Move seats back and forth: Checking for smooth operation whether controls are motorized or manual.
  • Examine taillights and headlights: For evidence of moisture accumulation.
  • Examine the trunk: Particularly the spare tire area, for signs of rusted car jacks and tools located in accessories bags.
  • Test many electrical components at the same time: Such as lights, wipers, emergency flashers, and air conditioning while listening for noise emanating from the radio.
  • Examine the cigarette lighter: For corrosion and rust.
  • Pay attention: To warning lights displayed in the instrument cluster.
  • Test drive the vehicle: Listening for noises and drivability issues like vehicle shutting off and hesitation when accelerating.
  • Professional advice: Always rely on the professional opinion of qualified Automotive Technicians.

At Bahamas First, our First Response team is on hand to inspect your vehicle for any signs of flood damage. This service is available for all Comprehensive and Third Party Total Loss motor policy requests from our agents and brokers. To book an inspection, contact us at 242-32-FIRST.