Complaint Protocol

Bahamas First Holdings and/or its subsidiary companies (hereafter referred to as The Company) aim is to provide a high level of customer service along with quality insurance products.

Any Customer, whether internal or external, who is dissatisfied with services, products or decisions rendered by The Company or other representatives are entitled to express his/her grievance and to have the matter addressed in a timely, frank and forthright manner by the Company.

Additionally, various regulatory bodies, such as the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas require the Company to have a structured Complaints Monitoring Program to allow consumers to register and where applicable, have remedy of any instances of service and/or product dissatisfaction.

The Company has developed a formal complaint handling protocol to ensure customer concerns are handled effectively and efficiently by experienced company representatives. The Policy is designed to provide guidance on the manner in which The Company or other representatives receives and handles complaints.

The Complaint Management Process

Bahamas First has developed a Complaint Management Process that encompasses complaints received in person as well as electronically (website, email or fax) or by letter from a consumer, third party or vendor (hereafter referred to as “complainant”). Where persons present complaints to the office, they should be directed to complete the Complaint Form and the form should be directed to the Complaint Monitoring Administrators (Administrators).

Complaints received will be immediately forwarded to the Administrators for recording in the Complaint Monitoring Database (CMD).  The Administrators will be responsible for acknowledging all formal complaints in writing within two (2) business days.

Upon receipt, the Administrators will utilize the Complaint Monitoring System to record and assign the complaint to the respective Department Manager/Supervisor (as designated). The company representative will be responsible for investigating the complaint and liaising with the client and as necessary, report the same to the Department Manager.

The standard procedure will be for the company representative assigned to resolve the complaint to liaise with the client.  Where necessary, the Manager will then meet with the parties to mediate and/or resolve the complaint ensuring adherence to the time-lines for investigating and recording.

In order to maintain consistency with our established definition of complaints, Bahamas First encourages those expressing complaints verbally to put it in writing through use of the Complaint Form. A copy of the form is available below.

Forward completed form to:
Mrs. Annette McSweeney or Ms. Abagale Brown
Complaint Administrators
Bahamas First Holdings Limited
32 Collins Avenue
P.O. Box SS-6238
Nassau, Bahamas


Response Time

The Company will maintain an average complaint resolution time of twelve (12) business days. Where regulatory guidelines require a different time period, Bahamas First will make every effort to respond with the lesser of 12 days or the regulatory requirement.

It is the Company’s policy that all complaints are promptly handled and resolved within a reasonable amount of time. Complaints not resolved within the established standard time must be forwarded to the Group Operations and Special Projects Manager to determine the appropriate course of action.

Complaint Form

Complete the Complaint Form below or you can download and print off a copy and return to the address above.

Complaint Form
Nature of Complaint