Social Responsibility

We act consistently with integrity and honesty, and in the best interest of
our customers so that we can be here to help them long into the future.

Our Commitment

Here at Bahamas First, we’re committed to giving back to our communities. Our obligation to our stakeholders is something we take seriously – social responsibility is built into our foundation. We understand that our role as an insurer is to be the backbone of our communities. To us, this is achieved through a combined effort between insuring responsibly and with care, and a thoughtful and passionate approach to charity work.

A Holistic Approach to Responsible Insurance

As the leading general insurer in The Bahamas, Bahamas First General Insurance Company regularly partners with local charitable and civic organizations. In addition to its donations and sponsorships, the company is committed to working with its agents and clients to educate the market on insurance matters and industry related topics.

That’s why we take pride in our long-term financial stability, so we’re always able to take the strain when you need it most. Not only that, we always aim to help the individuals and companies we work with to reduce their risks – it’s important to us that we provide more than just an off-the-shelf policy, instead we work with you to create a ground-up, bespoke plan to protect against the unexpected.

This goes beyond just a policy – it extends to tailored individual advice, exceptional customer service, and a real connection with the people thatput their trust in us.

Organizations we contribute to

Our Charity Work

Alongside all this, we believe that, as a business, we have a duty to be philanthropists as well as insurers. That’s why we support a variety charitable organizations and events, with our primary focus being on improving the lives of young people in our communities. We contribute to organizations such as the Bahamas Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Bahamas Heart Association, and the Cancer Society of the Bahamas – we take pride in being a part of the vital services and programmes which these groups provide.

We’re also proud sponsors of Junkanoo and the Bahamas National Youth Choir. We hope to continue our passion for our communities long into the future.