Unlocking the Door to Education

February 9, 2022

On 7 December 2021, Bahamas First signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of The Bahamas to establish a four-year scholarship tenable at the University in the fields of Business, Information Technology, Eco-Tourism, Sustainability and Engineering. Group President & CEO, Patrick Ward, said the signing is a commitment to a deepened partnership between Bahamas First and the University. “In our industry, a signature is more than just a jot of ink on a sheet of paper,” he said. “It endorses a promise. It guarantees a pledge. It seals an agreement. And it is no different as The Bahamas’ first university and The Bahamas’ first local general insurance company enter into an agreement to support the youth of The Bahamas in their pursuit of education.”

Ward revealed the Bahamas First Insurance Emerging Leaders Scholarship is a comprehensive four-year award that will unlock the door to education for high school seniors who possess the potential to succeed but struggle with doubts about their next steps because of their family’s financial insecurity. He added, “The scholarship will help the door to education swing open wider than it ever has before, and usher qualified students into leading-edge disciplines so that they can become independent thinkers and creative problem solvers who will transform their communities and this country.”