BISX Lists Bahamas First Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares, Preference Shares and Bonds

October 30, 2020

NASSAU, July 1, 2020 – The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce that listing application submitted by Bahamas First Holdings Limited (“Bahamas First”) has been formally approved by the BISX Listing Committee. As a result, Bahamas First has been added to the Official Roster of companies listed on the Exchange. Bahamas First is listing the following securities (with their BISX trading symbols in bold) on BISX all of which will trade through the Bahamas Automated Trading System (BATS):

1. Bahamas First Holdings Limited (Ordinary Shares) – BFH
2. Bahamas First Holdings Limited (Preference Shares) – BFHP
3. Bahamas First Holdings Limited (Bonds) – BFHB

Prior to submitting its application for listing to BISX, Bahamas First submitted listing applications
for each of the above securities, each of which was independently reviewed and approved by the
BISX Listing Committee.

Alison Treco, Chair of the Board of Bahamas First, commented, “Our listing on BISX has been a
consideration for several years and has now become a significant milestone for us as we begin
our next phase of growth and development as a publicly traded and listed company. While we do
not intend to issue any additional shares at this time, we believe that this move will facilitate an
open trading platform that will provide increased liquidity for our existing shareholders while
enhancing Bahamas First’s visibility in the capital markets.”

Patrick Ward, Group President and CEO of Bahamas First, commented, “Despite the recent
turmoil and disruption created by Hurricane Dorian and the global COVID- 19 pandemic, we
believe that the benefits of this listing outweigh any concerns around the current level of
uncertainty in our operating environment.”

BISX Chief Executive Officer, Keith Davies, commented: “I’d like to congratulate Bahamas First
Limited for listing their Ordinary Shares, their Preference Shares and their Corporate Bonds on
the Exchange all at once. The Listing process for Bahamas First was unique in that the entire
process took place remotely due to the social distancing measures put in place due to the COVID-
19 pandemic. This was a unique listing process given those circumstances, but Bahamas First
and BISX were able to communicate effectively and complete the process. We believe that
Bahamas First made the wise decision to move its securities to the regulated BISX market and
we look forward to a truly beneficial continued relationship with Bahamas First.”

Bahamas First will commence trading on the BISX on Friday.

NOTE: Attached to this Press Release is the BISX Formal Trading Notices for the above
securities. This notice advises the public of the securities to be listed on the Exchange and the
trading symbol of the listed securities.

For Additional Information Contact:

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BISX Tel: 242-323-2330
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